Medics deliver new ride to assault victim whose bike was stolen

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Shazya Tucker, just 13 years old, was assaulted in broad daylight Monday and her bike was stolen.

The Omaha, Nebraska teen says she was overwhelmed by the kindness of Omaha Fire and Rescue medics, who later surprised her with a new bike.

It all began when a man stopped Shazya while she was riding her bike.

"I wasn't scared. No, I wasn't scared. I was just like shocked. I was like, 'Something's about to go down,’” Tucker said.

And something did go down. She was approached by a man looking for a cigarette. She told the man, "I'm only 13 years-old. I don't smoke cigarettes."

Shazya says the man punched her in the head and grabbed her bike. He ran over Shazya's leg as he rode away on her bike.

"I got a call from my daughter, saying, 'Come home.' I was like, 'for what?' She's like, 'Come home, now,’” said Shazya’s father, Charles Smith.

Smith said he feared the worst.

"My heart literally almost stopped,” he said, but was relieved to learn his girl would be OK.

Then, while at the hospital, something amazing happened.

"Three doctor ladies came in. They were like, 'Your friends are here. They've got a surprise for you.' I'm like, 'How do my friends know I'm here?'" said Shazya.

In walked the medics who responded to the call. They gave Shazya a brand new bike.

"That doesn't happen to us very often. We don't get acts of kindness from people. And to see something like that in people who actually still care, to me, that was an amazing feeling for me,” Smith said.

Shazya won’t be able to ride it just yet, not with a sprained ankle.

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