US-127 sound wall still not complete

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It's definitely not a quiet neighborhood feel just off of US-127 northbound. Cars and trucks race by constantly, making it hard for some people living just a few hundred feet away.

"You can hear it throughout the house," describes Caleb Fiori.

Even though most people knew noise would be an issue when moving in, even MDOT said a sound wall was needed on that stretch.

But what started as a 6-month long project has ballooned to more than a year, and MDOT said on Wednesday it will be even longer.

Construction was set to start back up this summer after MDOT's prime contractor, Toebe Construction subcontracted to ADL Systems Inc out of Portland to build and install the 1400 panels that will make up the wall.

But neighbors say they're skeptical about whether or not it will ever get done.

MDOT assures News 10 it will, but that it will be longer than they initially said.