Tax season approaching, IRS warns of delayed refunds

Photo Source: MGN online

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - This is not the year to procrastinate on your taxes.

In fact between Internal Revenue Service (IRS) changes and the possibility of fraud, experts are recommending you file early.

It may be a rewarding process but filing taxes can be overwhelming.

“We used to try to do it online and we always missed something and they (tax preparers) stay on top of changes pretty well,” said Muhammad Qawwee whose filing his taxes early this year.

The IRS has announced new changes this year.

Those claiming an Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or an Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) may not see a refund until the week of February 27th opposed to February 15th.

It's giving the IRS time to crack down on fraud.

“People file for false children and false income tax credit so this gives them a little more time to review those returns to make sure that those returns were not filed incorrectly or fraudulently,” said AJ Gross at ALG Tax Solutions in Downtown Lansing.

Fraud happens at all levels of the tax filing process.

“One thing you have to be careful of is that tax preparers will say ‘I can get you “X” refund if you pay me this amount,’ that is a red flag,” said Gross.

Having your taxes completed early isn't just a weight lifted of your shoulders, it also protects your identity from being stolen.

“The returns being filed with potential identity theft are going to be filed early and if you try to file late, you may find out that your return is rejected and a return is already filed,” said Gross.

If you become victim of identity theft during this tax season, file an Identity Theft Affidavit form with the IRS.

Click here to download the form.