Sparrow wants more money for county autopsy services

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) Ingham County may have to find someone else to perform autopsies. Right now Sparrow Hospital does medical-examiner work for the county. But the hospital says it's losing money on the $429,000 deal and needs a raise to continue.

The county health department says it doesn't have the additional $280,000 Sparrow is asking for.

Linda Vail, Ingham County Health Department, said, "That's a large increase in a county budget where we're also looking at cost issues and budget issues and potential reduction issues this year. We can't just make that step without giving a lot of consideration and probably going through a process to find out what the options are."

Sparrow is asking for more money from all eight counties it provides medical examiner services to. Vail says Ingham county will have to look elsewhere if it can't negotiate a workable price with Sparrow.

Vail said McLaren Greater Lansing does not provide autopsy services.

The issue is on the agenda for Monday night's Ingham County Human Services meeting.