Russian park displays horizontal tree

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Every winter Moscow turns into a shimmering wonderland. Russia's capital aims to attract visitors to it's parks and boulevards with beautiful and unusual holiday displays.

One of the city's central recreation spots, Gorky Park, has a particularly eye catching display that was revealed to the public Thursday.

The park's holiday art installation is a 98-foot-long artificial tree which is displayed horizontally, as if "floating" between the columns of the main entrance to the park.

As soon as the first images of the tree appeared on the web, a debate started on social networks. Some argued that the tree cannot be considered art - while others supported the park, responding in an internet flashmob, posting an array of sideways portraits with the hashtag turnyourhead.

Gorky Park director Marina Lyulchuk says the installation is meant to be thought provoking:

"It can be confusing from the first glance. When someone takes a closer look at this tree, they then understand the idea and start to appreciate the art embodied in it," she said.

The tree is also a record breaker, with the Russian records agency recognizing it as the "Longest new year tree in Russia".

In the past Gorky Park has established a tradition of placing a Christmas tree-themed art installations in front of the main entrance to the park.

In 2014 a giant upside down ice-cream cone sculpture also stirred up a controversy amongst local residents.