Mid-Michigan food pantry expands to healthy options

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When you think: "food pantry" - you think of staples like:: boxed foods, canned goods - but not anymore at one local pantry.
The Dimondale Food Pantry has recently changed its policy to increase the health of its clients.
Located at the First Presyterian Church,, pantry organizers plan to provide food from all of the food groups, that includes fresh produce, whole grains, and dairy.
Because of a grant... they were able to put money toward: refrigeration, storage and education, for themselves, and their clients.
The Dimondale food pantry is also reaching out to the community, to educate those donating food, to think about giving healthier alternatives.
The Dimondale food pantry will also offer simple and budget conscious cooking suggestions, as well as recipes for the fresh foods,, in case people want to try something new but don't know what to do with it.

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