Michigan State University honoring women in computing

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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX)-- Michigan State University is honoring young women who represent the upcoming talent in computing, and encouraging more young women to open their minds to science, technology, engineering and math- giving them the opportunity to network with the pros.
Several companies like Google and IBM to talked to young women about internships and job opportunities.
Camille Emig is is a freshman at MSU who has benefited from the program and won numerous awards for computing. Emig said events like these help the growth of these fields,and put more women in the workplace.
"It's back on the rise and it's becoming a popular major for women again. Events like this are good for encouraging women to pursue it and not drop out because of the lack of women,"she said.
Emig is a previous aspirations in computing award winner on both state and national levels. 39 young women from Michigan will follow in her footsteps of getting the award. Some of those winners are in college, high school and middle school.
Michigan State computer science professor Laura Dillon says it's good to start young.
"We have to be getting them to envision themselves as being able to be successful in these careers,"she said.
According to Dillon, only 16% of students majoring in computer science at Michigan State are women, and by giving these awards they hope more young women will see they can do it too.

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