Local Mentorships Give Students Career Options

HOLT, Mich. (WILX) -- News 10's morning anchor Lora Painter takes a closer look at how Mid-Michigan high schoolers are getting a leg-up in making one of life's toughest decisions. Holt High School's mentorship program gives students options in choosing a career.

The program connects students with local professionals to get real-world career learning. It is a career research course, in the field and in the classroom. Students match their abilities, values, and skill sets, with a career.

Dan Knetchtel, marketing/management teacher at Holt High School, said, "Not every kid fits the mold of college prep and that's where they want to go, so I say the more options you have for kids the better opportunities they have to succeed in life."

Mr. Knetchtel has paried students with professionals in the IT and medical fields, plus in business marketing and education.

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