Kid sent home from school on Picture Day because of his hair

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JULINGTON CREEK, Florida (WILX) -- A Florida mother is outraged saying her young son was sent home from school on Picture Day, because of the color of his hair.

Luca Sinno's mother says he wanted to go for a bold look for his third-grade pictures so she took him to get his hair dyed the color he wanted.

The eight-year-old colored his hair blue and wore a suit for pictures on Monday morning. But then, his mom got a call from the school saying she needed to come pick him up.

The principal at Julington Creek Elementary pointed to a rule in the district's handbook saying "hair shall be clean and well combed or brushed and extreme hairstyles are not acceptable."

Luca's mom argued that's up for interpretation. She says her main issue isn't with her son's hair but the fact he had to miss school.

"It's fine if she didn't appreciate the color, but what really upsets me is that he got sent home from school for it and was told that he can't come back until it's colored. She said, she didn't care what I had to do to it, but we needed it to be normal," says Dana Sinno, Luca's mother.

Luca's hair has now been dyed to his natural color. He says none of his classmates thought his hair was a disruption and wishes he wasn't sent home because of it.