How safe is your child's school bus?

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - State police inspectors do a top-to-bottom check of every school bus every year and found 1 in 5 buses failed safety inspections.

The latest report shows some districts are doing a better job keeping up their fleet than others.

News 10 checked reports from 11 local districts and found most had at least one bus flagged for a violation. In cases where that violation was severe, inspectors have taken the bus off the road and students won't be allowed back on until it's fixed.

State Police inspectors use a color-coded system to tag buses. Green means the bus passed. Yellow is for minor repairs, where the bus is still considered safe but must be fixed within 60 days. Serious violations get a red tag and the bus can't be used until it's fixed.

Of the 11 local districts, Jackson public schools had the most violations with 12 buses failing inspection and 2 cited for minor issues.

Other districts did much better, all of Leslie and East Lansing's buses passed inspection.

Lansing Schools, which has the largest local fleet, saw the most improvement. Two years ago more than half its buses failed inspection. Since then the district sold its fleet to Dean Transportation which has been replacing older buses. This year only 1 out of the 89 buses failed inspection.

Parents can check the safety status of their kids bus right at the bus stop. Inspectors are assigning each bus a barcode that will be displayed by the door. Parents can use their phone to scan the barcode to pull up inspection results and even report a violation if they see one.

Check how your child's district fared by clicking the MSP School Bus Inspection link.