Holiday package thefts on the rise, safety steps you can take

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There are a little over two weeks until Christmas, making this the time of year when you need to be on high alert.

Package thefts are on the rise across the country. Brazen thieves are stealing mail from mailboxes and packages left on your doorstep.

Between now and Christmas, thousands of packages are expected to be delivered by UPS and other delivery services.

People need to be vigilant so that you don't become a victim.

A survey of residents nationwide from, a social network for neighborhoods, finds 42% of neighbors report having a package stolen from their doorstep.

With the surge of online shopping, now is the time to be on the lookout for porch prowlers, not just for your home, but for your neighbors too.

According to, 23-million Americans report having their packages stolen.

Thieves have been caught on camera stealing packages in broad daylight.

It's not just packages, but thieves are stealing mail too right from your mailbox.

So, how can you fight back?

Here are some options:

- If you know you are not going to be home, have your packages sent to a secure location like your job, or an Amazon locker or FedEx office.

- Smart gadgets like a video doorbell called "Ring," can keep an eye on your doorstep at all times, and text you when someone is at the door.

- If you have a garage door opener that you can control from anywhere, you can use that to allow a delivery person to drop a package inside your garage, and close the door.

- Set up text alerts so that you are notified when packages are delivered.

- Have your neighbors look out for packages for you, and do the same for them.

- Finally, police advise people to check their mailbox on a daily basis, especially this time of year. Do not allow mail to sit in your box overnight.

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