Grand Ledge police officers pose for their own 'hot cop' photo

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GRAND LEDGE, Mich. (WILX)- Grand Ledge Police officers pose for their own viral 'hot' photo. The women mimicked the viral photo taken by the so-called 'Hot Cops' of Gainesville, Florida.

Those officers are causing quite a stir on social media. As Hurricane Irma took aim at Florida, the Gainesville Police Department posted photos on Facebook showing officers preparing for the night ahead. One selfie of three officers sent many hearts nationwide fluttering. People left comments on the post such as, "I feel faint, send help"- And "please arrest me". The picture posted on September 10th has received more than 501-thousand reactions and over 269,000 shares. By the way- two of the cops are married.

Officer Michael Hamill said his wife wasn't too pleased with the flirty comments. "She didn't like all the attention and all the craziness 'cause her whole family, a lot of her friends know that we're married," said Hamill. " And so they texted her. Her family's calling her, bugging her. She doesn't want that type of attention at all. Now she's come around to it. She's realized there's nothing she can do about it."

The female police officers in Grand Ledge who posed for their own viral photo now have more than 800 reactions to their post. Looking good ladies!