Fighting Truancy

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CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WILX)-- Everyday the goal is to help students get the services they need to be in a classroom, and school districts understand it can be a challenge for some families. For Eaton County School District, early intervention has been their best method.

"We try to put a plan in place together with that family. If the student is age appropriate, 11 or older, we include the student in that plan. Much younger than that, then we're working primarily with the parents, but the goal is to reduce those numbers of absences,"Harriet Dean, Truancy Coordinator for Eaton RESA said.

Under the proposed bill, the schools would be able to further investigate cases instead of immediately expelling the student, which Harriet says is helpful to not only the school district but to anyone who finds education important.

Eaton County has a school justice partnership that includes teachers, law enforcement and courts that are working together to try to eliminate as much drop out as they can.