Security experts talk moving forward after attack

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Planning security for the future can be one of the hardest things to do.

"As we always say when we do military planning, we always plan based on the last war, not on the next war," explains retired Brigadier General Mike McDaniel, "and it looks like that's what we did in this case."

Officials say the gunman in Fort Lauderdale checked his bag with guns and ammunition, which is entirely acceptable by TSA rules.

"Those rules are focused on protecting the aircraft and the people in that aircraft," says McDaniel, "not on protecting the people in the airport itself and in this case in the baggage terminal, which is what we saw."

Which forces security experts, like McDaniel, to figure out where to go next:

"The problem is our rules are always catching up with us, so as security experts, we're always trying to come up with a rule that will fit a broader set of scenarios."

Which McDaniel says means possibly not allowing any weaponry whatsoever in checked bags, which could upset travelling hunters, or people who pack their guns. But as McDaniel says:

"I think everybody has to be adaptive, has to be resilient, and has to sort of cooperate with law enforcement and other government entities that are trying to address these problems."