Detroit at crossroads 50 years after riots devastated city

DETROIT (AP) - Five decades after a deadly riot devastated some Detroit neighborhoods, the city may be on the cusp of turning things around.
Protests and violence that started July 23, 1967, after police raided an illegal after-hours club lasted five days. Authorities called in the National Guard and Army.
More than 7,000 people were arrested and over 1,400 buildings burned. Forty-three people - 33 blacks and 10 whites - were killed.
The riot would speed up the departure of whites to the suburbs. Middle-class blacks would follow. The population has fallen by about 1.1 million since the 1950s.
But Detroit is fixing up its neighborhoods and its image.
Unemployment is down to 11 percent. Downtown is thriving and the population appears to be leveling out at around 670,000.