Day of Miracles: Help Sparrow Children's Center

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Day of Miracles is underway right now. We are raising money to help sick children here in Mid-Michigan.

News 10's Lora Painter talked to a couple this morning whose son was born premature. His parents are grateful for the staff at Sparrow in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. You can watch their amazing story on the links.
Our telethon will continue until 11:30 tonight. We will bring you more amazing patient stories from Sparrow's renovated Children's Center.

All donations made during the Day of Miracles will stay at Sparrow, benefiting the sick and injured children right here in our community. These gifts help build and strengthen the programs and facilities that give our young Patients the best care possible right here: where we live, work and play together. To Pledge: (517) 364-KIDS.

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