Congress gives Governor Snyder 2 weeks to respond to allegations of perjury

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) A congressional committee is asking Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to address when he learned about a fatal outbreak of Legionnaires' disease during the Flint water crisis after an aide contradicted the governor's timeline.
Reps. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina and Elijah Cummings of Maryland -- the leaders of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee -- sent Snyder a letter Thursday. They asked him to provide by Oct. 25 "any additional relevant information" about the date when he learned of Legionnaires'.
Snyder previously told the committee he didn't learn of Legionnaires' until January 2016. But Harvey Hollins, his director of urban initiatives, told a judge last week he told the governor about it during a phone call before Christmas 2015.
It's a crime to "knowingly and willfully" lie to Congress.

Congressman Dan Kildee (MI) issued the following statement in regards to the letter:

"I am pleased that the Oversight Committee has taken swift action to look into the Governor’s conflicting statements. I have spoken with both Chairman Gowdy and Ranking Member Cummings and they agree that misleading Congress is a very serious offense."
He added, "Flint families deserve to know the truth about when the Governor first learned of the Legionnaires’ outbreak. Justice for Flint families comes in many forms, including holding those in state government who created the crisis accountable.”

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