Boiling water poured on 11-year girl's face at sleepover, 12-year old girl charged

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NEW YORK An 11-year old girl is in a Harlem Hospital with severe burns after boiling water is poured on her at a sleepover.

Police say the incident happened at a sleepover in the Bronx early Monday morning. Jamoneisha Merritt, age 11, was asleep on a couch, when police say a 12-year old girl, got a cup of scalding water and poured it on her.

Jamoneisha was jolted awake by the scorching water which burned most of her upper body, including her face, back, shoulders, neck and chest. A cousin claims the two girls had been arguing earlier in the night. The children at the sleepover reportedly were all friends.

"You're very wicked that didn't make any sense I can't imagine a child doing that to another child." said the victim's aunt. People inside the apartment poured cold water on the girl while waiting for help to arrive.

Jamoneisha has second-degree burns. She is in serious, but stable condition. The 12-year-old girl was charged with assault. None of the other children at the sleepover are facing charges at this point.

The mother of the 12-year old says it was a prank gone wrong. She claims her daughter was taking part in the "Hot Water Challenge" and told other news outlets, her daughter was on suicide watch after trying to stab herself following the incident.

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