Baby elephant rescued from trap learns to walk again

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A tourist attraction in Thailand has rescued a baby elephant and is now working to help the little one to walk again.

The front left leg of the five month-old was caught in a trap southeast of Bangkok. Good samaritans brought her to an animal attraction where other elephants were able to nurse the baby and help her survive.

Her wounds are healing. Her health has improved, but she has refused to put any weight on her injured leg. So veterinarians and elephant experts are using hydrotherapy to get the little one to use her injured leg more.

This was her second treatment and she was afraid of the water but the vet expects that to change. All of her treatment is to avoid having the baby elephant use a prosthetic leg.

"Right now her health, I think we are quite safe to say that is almost hundred percent and now is only the leg problem, and we must solve that. We cannot just let her go and then walk on three legs in the end, she cannot walk." said Kampon Tansacha.

The elephant is Thailand's national animal but animal rights groups have criticized tour businesses using elephants to make money. There are about 37-hundred elephants left in the wild in Thailand.

Deforestation, rapid urbanization and poaching of elephants for their ivory have all contributed to a dramatic decline in the country's wild elephant population.

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