Alarming study out on car seat installation

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WILX The organization 'Safe Kids Worldwide' has released a study that indicates something disturbing, most kids aren't properly secured in their car seats.


The study was done in partnership with 'Safe Kids Worldwide' coalitions across the country and looked at how people were using their car seats.

One problem found in the study is referred to as the tether issue.

It found for kids that were forward-facing, 64-percent were not using the top tether. The study showed parents are installing their car seats using the seat belt or the lower anchors but they're forgetting about the top tether.

And experts say that's a big no-no.

"The top tether is a really important safety feature and basically what it does is it helps keep the top of the car seat from moving forward in a crash so it really does help the head. neck and spine of the forward-facing child," says Kerry Chausmer, a car seat expert for 'Safe Kids Worldwide.'

Another problem the study saw was parents keeping their children in rear-facing car seats longer. Experts recommend parents use rear-facing until the child is two-years-old or older, as long as the car seat will allow it. Then the child should be moved to a forward-facing car seat.

The group is launching a campaign this weekend to increase awareness of child seat safety.

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