Theresa Abed - Candidate profile for 71st House District

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Hello! My name is Theresa Abed, and I am running to be your next state representative in the 71st House District. For over 30 years I have lived, worked and raised my children in Eaton County. I have dedicated my life to serving our community. As a school social worker in Eaton County's public schools, as a county commissioner, and a board member with the Tri-County Office on aging fighting for our seniors. I'm running because I want people to be the priority and get the service they are due from their government. Instead, politicians in Lansing prioritize special interests and large corporations instead of everyday people. Our economy is starting to improve but who is feeling it? Our families who shoulder the burden of tax cuts to corporations and unable to get ahead? Our students whose classrooms are overcrowded? Our seniors who struggle to buy groceries or prescriptions? Our veterans who are getting subpar care in GR Home for Veterans? We need an economy that works for everyone. I believe in honesty and integrity above all else. Sadly there are politicians who care more about getting re-elected than being straight with the voter. It's time to set that record straight. Tom Barrett voted to spend $134 million of the taxpayers' money to give the Michigan Senate cozy new offices-in the same building as a powerful lobbying firm. And he voted to allow his corporate contributors in the auto insurance industry to keep an $80 million tax loophole. Which even his fellow Republicans called it 'the worst example of corporate welfare' they had ever seen. Mr. Barrett voted to increase the gas tax and raise registration fees which will start Jan, 2017. Mr. Barrett has voted against an increase in per pupil funding for our schools the last two years whereas I fought to ensure students in Eaton County schools received their share of state funding. I was also instrumental in opening up the school curriculum to the trades. Additionally, I want to create jobs, and make sure that Michigan companies are given the first chance to receive state contracts, and encourage government agencies to buy Michigan products. I also want to end the damaging practice of giving tax breaks to companies that send Michigan jobs overseas, because I want our tax dollars to create jobs here, not in Mexico or China. I worked to repeal the retirement tax for seniors, and to restore the funding that was cut from our public schools. People want to once again be the priority and they want the truth. With me you can depend on that. I am ready to head back to the Legislature to fight for you and your family. I hope I can count on your support on November 8th. Thank you."