Gretchen Driskell - Candidate profile for 7th Congressional District

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"I'm Gretchen Driskell and I'm running for Michigan's 7th Congressional District. When I moved to Saline with my young family 28 years ago, I got involved in the community right away when I was asked to help lead the effort to build a recreation center. Coming from a family with a rich military tradition, I understood the importance of service-that when someone asks you to serve, you serve. As the nonpartisan Mayor of Saline, I balanced the budget every year while supporting good schools and working with local businesses to create jobs. Together, we made Saline one of the best places to live in America. I'm running for Congress because I believe that our neighbors deserve a voice that truly represents them. It's time for everyone in Michigan to have a chance to succeed, not just those with money and power. These are not Democratic or Republican values. These are Michigan values. But these values don't have a champion in Washington right now. My opponent, Congressman Tim Walberg, has taken millions from special interests and even admitted that he was "bought and paid for" by one DC group. He's voted for every foreign trade deal during his time in Congress, costing Michigan tens of thousands of jobs. He even said that NAFTA created jobs, when it actually cost Michigan over 43,000 jobs. And last year, Walberg voted to fast-track the TPP, which would spell disaster for Michigan workers and businesses. That's why I came out immediately against the deal. Tim Walberg has tried to run away from his harmful record on trade, but we shouldn't be fooled. Walberg is a typical politician. He doesn't believe in protecting Michigan jobs; he believes in protecting his job. It's time for a change. I'll fight to stop foreign trade deals like TPP that outsource our jobs, fix bad deals like NAFTA that have forced our kids to leave Michigan to find work, and fight to protect Medicare and Social Security. Michigan families are hungry for new leadership -- leadership that reflects our values and our priorities. With your support, we can rebuild the American Dream and take Michigan values to Washington."