Eric Trojanowicz - Candidate profile for Ingham County Sheriff

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"My name is Eric Trojanowicz and I'm running for Ingham County Sheriff. Many of you may recognize the name as my father, Dr. Robert Trojanowicz, a professor as Michigan State, was a leading proponent of community policing at Michigan State and he was the first voice of the successful program Crime Stoppers in this area. For the last 25 years I've worked for the Ingham County Sheriff's Office. In that time I've held every command position in the departrment. I started as a road patrol deputy and was promoted to sergeant and lieutenant and finally to captain. While with the sheriff's office I worked to strengthen regional cooperation between local police and fire and first responders and I helped create the county START and dive teams to deal with barricaded gunmen or water emergencies. If elected I will initiate community policing in the sheriff's office and increase service to out-county residents and work to rebuild the trust between the community and law enforcement that is necessary for a safe county. I will also work to retain experienced officers on our force. Too many are leaving the sheriff's office only after a few years. I will make sure that every officer is valued and treated with respect. Ingham County can't afford to lose good people only after a few years after they have been trained. I was proud to receive the endorsement of the Capital City Labor Program that represents nearly 700 active law enforcement professionals. Because of my experience I know what needs to be done to keep Ingham County safe. My name is Eric Trojanowicz and I'm not a politician, I am a police officer. No public offices should be inherited or passed on because of a name or family connection. The sheriff's office should be earned and I plan on earning your vote. On election day vote for experience, vote for Eric Trojanowicz for Ingham County Sheriff."