WILX 10.2 The Weather Authority

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WILX 10.2 The Weather Authority

What Is It?

WILX 10.2 The Weather Authority is your only source for local news and weather every second of every day. WILX 10.2 The Weather Authority is a local weather channel from WILX Meteorologists and Accuweather 24/7. You can find it in three places; Channel 294 on the digital tier of local cable system Comcast, Channel 151 on the digital tier of local cable system Broadstripe, and over the air broadcast on digital Channel 10.2. Viewers can see local forecasts for the entire mid-Michigan region from Weather Authority meteorologists Andy Provenzano, Darrin Rockcole and Jim Holton.

The weather information is updated continually. There are also local news breaks up to three times each hour with News 10 newscasters. WILX 10.2 The Weather Authority is the only locally produced 24-hour news and weather channel in the Mid-Michigan area.

Why Are We Doing It?

Weather is the number one content item within news and WILX wants to extend our commitment to providing local weather coverage to Mid-Michigan by creating a channel dedicated to local weather 24/7.

Why Will A Sponsorship of WILX 10.2 The Weather Authority Work For Your Business?

Your advertising will reach consumers on a daily basis. WILX's extensive coverage of local weather makes this a must see channel. WILX is limiting the sponsorship opportunity to only 14 mid Michigan businesses. As a result, your commercials will air numberous times every day throughout the year. You will partner yourself with WILX, a trusted brand in the mid Michigan market. WILX will promote and support 10.2 The Weather Authority during its newscasts, online at wilx.com and over the air with 30 second commercials on Channel 10.

What Is The Opportunity?

This is a one time opportunity to dominate a local weather channel dedicated to delivering the most important content item to viewers in a way that showcases your business to consumers as a key sponsor of the entire station!

What Are the Sponsorship Elements?

Your business will receive 160, thirty second commercials per week airing during the weather forecasts in even rotation with the other sponsors throughout the broadcast day (commercial breaks are only one minute in length). Also during the weather forecasts, your business logo will appear in rotation with the other sponsors for a minimum of 8 hours each week within the L-Bar graphics that surround the video of the forecaster making his predictions. And finally, your logo and link to your website (if applicable) will appear on the WILX 10.2 The Weather Authority page on WILX.com.