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In My View with Tim Staudt

In My View 2/20/2018: Senior night for MSU Men's Hoops

In My View: 02/16/18

A legacy left behind after former MHSAA director dies

In My View 2/12/2018: Lions raise ticket prices, again

In My View 2/9/2018: Hard to pick the final four today

In My View 2/8/2018: College basketball teams are weary

In My View 2/17/2018: Tim asks "How will MSU’s Athletic Department be different a year from now?"

In My View 2/6/2018: Big week in Big ten basketball

In My View: 2/5/18

In My View: 2/2/18

In My View 2/1/2018: Ianni in as MSU A.D.

In My View: 1/31/18

In My View 1/30/2018: Tough times for Izzo and Dantonio

In My View 1/29/2018: NCAA Investigations against MSU

In My View 1/26/2018: the next MSU President is a crucial hire

In My View 1/25/2018: how Nassar victims' statements impacted the outcome of the case

In My View: 1/24/18

In My View: 1/18/18

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