Pontiac Isn't Dead Yet

By: Jason Colthorp
By: Jason Colthorp

Take a look in my garage-- Pontiac will live a little while longer.

Growing up, all I remember my mom driving was a Pontiac LeMans, although that tough stint where she drove an old Ford Maverick with a dent in the front panel still causes some agony to this day.  But, Mom loved Pontiacs, especially her LeMans and she drove the thing until it died sometime in the 80's.  My grandpa bought a new Bonneville late in his life and that thing was pretty cool, too.  Pontiacs were big in my family and still are.  I didn't think about how I've carried on the tradition until the big announcement came Monday.  We have a G-6 and a Montana and couldn't be happier with both.  The van is going strong at 150,000 miles on it and hasn't had any major work done on it (knock wood).  The G-6 is just the latest in Pontiac sporty homeruns.  It is loaded with leather heated seats, a panoramic sunroof, smooth handling and so much under the hood, I'm afraid to drive it without the cruise on. 



I read how GM wanted to keep Pontiac as a niche brand, but the government put the kibosh on it.  I don't blame the feds-- anything GM wants to do at this point, is probably the wrong decision.  When is the last good decision it's made that didn't come a decade too late.  Now everything it does costs hundreds of thousands of people their jobs because it hasn't seen the writing on the wall for years.  I'm not necessarily talking about going more fuel efficient and less SUV (although I think that was a major blunder), but just the amount of vehicles and makes and models it floods the market with.  Just take the G-6-- a fabulous car, that was once the G-3, G-5 and is now the G-8 with an upcoming G-Money.  I can't figure out if the numbers link the years (G-6 = 2006?) or if these new ones are different models altogether, because the new ones don't look anything like my G-6, which I think is still the best by far.  I have always wanted to scream at GM, "Pick something and go with it!"  Right now, I'm looking to buy a crossover and for the life of me can't figure out which one I want, because there's just too damn many and frankly the deals aren't close to being good enough from a company that's supposedly on the verge of bankruptcy. 

The Pontiac Torrent... sharp-looking ride that I now don't have to worry about.
The Chevy Traverse... supposedly the more economical of all the GM crossovers: starting price is $29,500.  Heckuva deal.
The Saturn Outlook... Acadia guts with boxier outside.
The Saturn Vue... the gas saver and Hybrid, but still only gets 30 MPG as opposed to 24 with the rest. Better than nothing, I guess.
The GMC Acadia... sharp with some nice options like the dual sunroofs, which quickly shoots the price toward $40K.
The Buick Enclave... my dream car that unfortunately comes with a dream car price.

I have gone from liking the Torrent, to wanting an Enclave, to definitely getting an Acadia, to looking at the Traverse, to thinking the Outlook would be the best buy, to settling back on trying to get a great deal on an Enclave.  This is my problem with GM and the same one it's been fighting for years: it's competing with itself.  It should be competing against Toyota and Nissan which certainly don't offer four or five models of one type of vehicle.  Pick one and go with it-- get behind it and make it better every year-- or one cheap one and one luxury.  I wonder how many people actually want to buy a new car and just can't pull the trigger because it takes so long to find the best fit and deal for their family.  Sorry, GM management, but you've made your own bed.  True, the worldwide economical downturn was unforeseeable, but Ford seems to be hanging in there with no government loans, because it began tweaking its business model in time to withstand the financial storm. 

This isn't a pro-GM bankruptcy rant, so don't get me wrong.  I want GM to survive and am just a little upset that Pontiac, with all its tradition and history with America and my family is bowing out.  At least it took Rick Wagoner with it.  That would have been tough to stomach.

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