Dry weather through the weekend

High pressure in the northern Great Lakes will bring plenty of sunshine statewide through the Holiday Weekend.

Vermont's new law requiring genetically modified food to be labeled as such is set to take effect today.

Players have shot at $415 million Mega Millions prize

The walkout involves about 950 union members in Atlantic City, N.J.

Lansing City Council approves budget amendment 7-1

Lansing City Council approves budget amendment

Fighting fires, doing time: The women’s inmate firefighting crew

Apple technology can disable your phone from recording concerts

Disney removes references to alligators

Fireworks decision at 11 a.m. Friday

Italian Coast Guard rescues 223 migrants off coast of Libya

New report shows how valuable a bachelor's degree is

The places where seeing a doctor costs the most

Alligator caught climbing a fence in Florida

Local campground adjusting to burn ban

Brazilian First Responders: "You will not be safe in Rio"

First U.S. death reported from crash in self-driving car

Planned Parenthood seeks repeal of abortion laws in eight states

Manatee swimming through thick algae

11 - 1/2 foot Tiger Shark caught off Eastern Carolina coastal town

POTUS signs bill easing access to government records

CDC: Whitewater center systems inadequate to filter water

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