Number of smokers have dropped after CVS stopped selling cigarettes

The decision by CVS to stop selling cigarettes may have contributed to a drop in the number of smokers overall.

This video is of a police chase in the UP.

Detroit economic and neighborhood revitalization efforts are getting a boost through new investments in community organizations.

Nassar's lawyers have been granted their request for a new judge on one of his criminal cases.

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Mid-Michigan hospital using germ-zapping robots

Man travels to another state to thank those who saved his life

Charlotte Rising

WATCH - Panda cub throws tantrum when toys are put away

Gang Rape of Chicago Teen Streamed Live

Wisconsin fugitive convicted of kidnapping Michigan student

New legislation aims to help victims of human trafficking

FDA links rare cancer, 9 deaths, to textured breast implants

Amazon Counterfeit

TV Daytime Emmy nominations

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Jesus' tomb repairs

Coast Guard searches for man who fell from cruise ship

Michigan's Congressional delegation working together to save funding for Great Lakes

Fraser could get $3 million from state for sinkhole repairs

Nurses want patient ratio set by law

Michigan jobless rate rises to 5.3 percent in February

House chair briefs Trump on intelligence collection

Consumer Reports: Big Beautiful Blenders

Panda cub throws tantrum when his toys are taken away

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